Action Packed Games

For the first time we are going to speak exclusively on Action Packed Games. These games are tightly packed with action and thrill and you will really find these games to be so amazing that you will come and donate us money for telling you about these fantastic games. As you know we normally talk about different types of games but this month we decided to cover some action packed adventure games.

One of the most popular action adventure type game and also the game of the year 2015 is Hungry Shark Evolution. No other game comes close when it comes to getting entertained for short duration. Hungry Shark is one of the most popular time pass games as they say in the USA. This game has huge potential to grow into the top game of 2016 as well. There are a total of 13 sharks to unlock and several upgrades can be bought for your sharks. This shark that you are playing is very hungry and wants to eat everything but as you know nothing can eat everything and digest it safely. So protect your shark and give it only the stuff that you need and will keep your shark alive for longer time. Your main goal is to get higher on the scale of sharks and eventually reach the hammerhead. With stronger sharks, you can make higher score and beat your friends but it will not be easy to get there. You may have to take help of some sort of script to help you in the game. We know about one hack script that is available at but that is about it. Other scripts, you will have to search yourself on the internet.

Another popular action packed classical fighting game is Shadow Fight 2. Shadow Fight 2 continues the legacy of Shadow Fight game, the most popular game of 2014 which had 40 million players and now shadow fight 2 is moving towards a 100 million player base. With more and more players coming online with a smart phone, expect the growth in these games to be outstanding. This is a game where your task is to fight your enemies, win battles and then upgrade your weapons, learn new martial arts techniques and then defeat the enemy in style. The game also tells you when a battle is tough and you should not fight without upgrading your character. Sometimes it becomes really tough to upgrade your character as you run out of coins or gems. In such case we suggest you to take a look at some of the script or hack websites that can offer you free gems and coins. We suggest you to also look at, a website we had identified and had fetched us million gems last year for free of cost. With their help we became one of the top players in the game.

Tale of Two Brothers

Hi Yorkshire Folks! Today we are going to review two very legit and interesting and popular games of all times. We often believe that playing games are fun and helpful to one’s mind and to bring down stress levels but today we are going to review two games that does exactly that. We officially monitored stress levels of people who were playing these games and stress goes down.

Monster Legends

One of the first games coming from Social Point that was really interesting to play. The game is all about Monsters. Don’t worry these are not scary but cute monsters as you can see from the photo on the left. In this game you are like their parent and you take care of them. Monsters grow up in size and level when you feed them food. You can grow food in the farms and feed your monsters. As monsters level up they develop skills that you will need when you fight battles in the arena or the adventure map.

In a game like monster legends your basic duty is to collect legendary or rare monsters because that is how people actually win battles. Winning battles is the most important thing in a game like monster legends. The biggest difficulty comes in actually breeding and it is time taking. Not many of us have so much time to give to a game and so an easy solution to bypass the amount of waiting time to hatch eggs post breeding is making use of some sort of hack that fetches free gems to anyone’s account. Last time we used to hack monster legends and generate gems for free and we did quite well. We got around 100,000 gems and we used them up in auto completing buildings and other upgrades.

Dragon City

The second game is a similar game that was developed by the game company and this is just as fun. Think about Monster Legends and replace monsters with dragons and that is dragon city for you. A similar game where you parent the dragons, give them food and other things. Let dragons level up and develop those skills that your require in defeating your enemies in battles. The game is actually more fun to play at times than monster legends and that could be a reason why there are five times more players in dragon city.

Another interesting part of the game as mentioned above is dragons breeding which is one of the ways to get your hands on strong dragons. Dragons breed in minutes but it takes a long time to get the eggs after breeding. Once eggs arrive you can hatch it instantly but the amount of time it takes to get the eggs is huge and that is why we are bypassing it with the help of free gems we got from which promises hacking dragon city for absolutely no cost. The aim of the game is the same, you must get your hands on legendary dragons if you want to win battles easily.

Best Strategy Game Award 2016

Hi friends, we are back with a very happy announcement today. Social Point, the people who we covered last year with respect to the game Monster Legends is back now with a new award for the game Dragon City. Dragon City is a similar game that they had built a year before developing monster legends and is now grabbing a big award this month. Dragon City is cited as one of the best strategy games ever built for android or ios phones. The game is a lot of fun to play and enjoy with friends and family members. Dragon City basically is a strategy game that can be played anywhere and anytime, all you need is an internet connection.

Dragon City is a game that is all about dragons and if you love dragons, then this is the game for you. Here in this game you get to nurture dragons like they are your babies and they will grow up as you continue to feed them. Feeding dragons is important if you want them to grow in size and become stronger. As dragons become bigger and stronger they can go and fight for you in battles. The game is hugely interesting to play and enjoy with friends, specially when you can pvp battle them. There are also a lot of tournaments to play in this game and they are fun to win.

One thing which we forgot to tell you so far is that Breeding is important in this game. Check out this breeding guide for dragon city if you want to do anything meaningful in this game. There are many types of dragons that you will need in this game but you cannot buy or take from anywhere except through breeding. You first will do breeding of simple weak dragons that will yield a hybrid stronger dragon. Then you are going to breed hybrid dragons and hope to win a legendary dragon. Only legendary dragons are the ones that are capable of winning you big battles. Winning simple battles is easy but when you proceed further in the game, you will meet opponents who will only have Legendary dragons and then you will really want these strong assets in your game.

Over all we believe Dragon City totally deserves this award because there is no way a game that is over four years old and is still popular with millions of players world wide and should not get a single award? If some of these silly games can get awards then we believe Dragon City totally fits in. We had also done a survey of gamers and they had happily voted Dragon City as one of the best strategy games, one of a kind like game. Users really love this game and so they are playing for so many years now. We want you to just try out this game and we are sure you are going to love it.

Android Games For You

Two games that I am really looking forward to play this weekend is Pixel Gun 3D and 8 Ball Pool. These are two very well researched games and one of the best as per several magazine, game mags actually. Their users have rated these two games as the best in 2015. So if so many users say these are the best then they must be good and who am I to question them?

Pixel Gun 3D is a multiplayer shooting game which involves a lot of firing and weapon usage. You may also use a knife if it pleases you but I am more of an automatic gun person. I like using automatics and shooting down my enemies. This is one game where you can battle with anyone you like. Do you have friends who also like playing games? Go battle them 1v1 anytime and anywhere. Don’t like playing with people? Go on a shooting spree against Zombies. In single player mode you get to kill tons of zombies. But no matter what, you need a lot of coins actually and for that you must try this pixel gun 3d hack mod as it can really make your dream come true by fetching you like millions of coins. With these coins, you can be a rich person in the game with lots of weapons.

8 Ball Pool is a fantastic sport game where you are supposed to pocket balls in the Pool Table. This is a game that can be played by two people who fight each other by actually trying to pocket the balls in the holes. Whoever gets their balls first into the hole gets a shot at the black ball. Whoever gets the black ball actually wins the round. This sums up 8 ball pool game in a Pool Table. But now you can simply play this game on your android phone directly. Life is easy when you can just take your phone, send a game play request to your friend and start playing with them. Try to use this software called 8 ball pool hack mod if you are serious with this game as it can fetch you lots of coins that can be utilized to play high stake tournaments. The real fun in this game is when you play high stakes game and not when you play these 25-50 coin games, it is really boring. Take the real fun out of this game, what is fun in that?

New Games For Y Kids

Hello Yorkshire Kids, we have come up with some interesting solutions for your boredom. As you all know, it is our job to constantly find you people new types of games and thus you can be rest assured that we are on priority basis looking for new games for you people almost every day.

Hill Climb Racing is our new addiction and we are proud to present you people with an innovative gaming solution that you kids can enjoy to the core. Now think about this? Have you ever wanted to drive a car or a jeep or a monster truck in a location as weird as a Moon or Mars? Heck you can even drive a car in a desert. Now all that is possible with the help of this game. In this game you get to collect coins, lots of coins as you drive to far away distances in a map, but that isn’t the most interesting concept.

The most amazing part of this game is that there is a hill climb racing unlimited coins hack that allows you to instantly unlock all the vehicles and maps instantly. Now you can enjoy the best of the vehicles and drive them in the best of the maps right from the beginning. How cool is that?

Subway Surfers is our newest addiction as we started to find our love for endless running games. We really like games that pass your time. What better than a game where you are endlessly running and collecting coins while trying to save yourself from the oncoming or parked trains and while you run away from a Policeman who is looking for you to do one mistake and he catches you.

The sad part is that he has a dog that is ready to bite you. Now we are playing this game from yesterday and we already have unlocked everything in the game. We managed to find a subway surfers unlimited coins hack that gave us access to everything in the game. The game is a lot more fun with fully upgraded skateboards or jet packs and we have found our liking with a shark rather a man. Yes we are running a shark looking man in this game and not the same old baby boy named Jake.

Unlocking games and getting all coins instantly is something that we really love. It enhances the true value of a game as it allows people to see the game for what it really is. Why spend countless hours and get bored before reaching the end?

YCA Welcomes New Games

YorkShire Chess Association is welcoming you to a brand new sets of games for it’s players. As you all know, we are now a family of one million players worldwide. We have hundreds of thousands joining us every day through the internet and several offline directly at our building head quarters. Today we have tied up to bring along two new sets of games for you people to play with us.

One of the latest games to hit the mark with our company is Pou. Pou is basically a virtual pet based game that you occasionally play. But Pou is different as this is about an alien pet that has come off to your land by mistake. Now the pet looks up to you to take care of it or let it die. Your tasks are to feed it, take it for a nice hot bath and also play with it. For each of these activities you receive coins that you can use to purchase more items and get more coins in future. This is a slow process, but if you are a fast forward man, you can make use of a software that is available at With softwares you can instantly grab lots of coins and make use of them to get ahead in the game for absolutely no cost at all.

Another interesting game that we wish to add to our database is Clash of Clans. I am sure you have heard about this game, actually played too their clones in your mobile. Clash of Clans is the best war based strategy game that you can ever come across. The game has been developed a lot in the last few years and today it stands as a #1 game on mobile. This is the prime reason why we wanted to have a tie up with their company because it is very popular game. Now as you all know, the game is slow to proceed and beating the top players is nearly impossible going slow. That is why we are bringing to you a special man made software that can by pass the system and get you what you want within minutes. Visit and see for yourself. With free coins and gems you can almost do anything in the game within minutes if not seconds. These gems are extremely useful when it comes to developing your village to stop enemy attacks or even when it comes to you attacking others. Just take a look!

Yorkshire Association Advice To Young Love Birds

At this time of the year, love is usually at it’s peak. Christmas and New Year is a time to spend with your loved ones and give them gifts, spend quality time together. Life is great because we have holidays and we spend these holidays with our family members. Yorkshire Association is closing down for a month soon giving their members a full one month holiday to enjoy with their family. We will re open around Mid January and go with new version and goals. Before we go, we would like to give some quality advice to today’s young love birds. Love is in the air and we would like to keep it this way.

Things You Can Do This Winter

Yes, I am talking about your wife or your girlfriend and not your family members, brother or sister.


You can buy some lovely gifts for your wife or your fiance or your girlfriend this Christmas. Now by gifts, I don’t mean you rushing to a clothes or a jewellery store now and buying something random. Sit down and think what it is that she has mentioned all along this year. A wife or a girlfriend will always keep chattering about something all the time. It could be anything, from a teddy to a ring to clothes or even sexy stuff. You must sit down, close your eyes and think hard on what exactly she wants the most. Buy that for her. Now, from next time always remember to note down certain things your wife shows interest about. Then go and surprise her! This way you let her think how much you care about her.

Love Quotes

One of the things that have proven to work again and again is Love Quotes. Quotes about love are always special and it helps you in understanding how much you love your partner. Giving right quotes at the right time to your partner can help strengthen your relationship. Your wife will think how much you care and love her and you too will know the value of love because quoting love is not easy. Read to understand better because Jerry, the owner of the site has mastered the art and has a very healthy and a successful relationship with his wife. That guy is a genius and you must learn from him.

Love is needy and so you must give it time, interest and care. If you don’t care for your love, your love is going to hate you and might even leave you sad. If you want to be happy. Care for it.

Strategy Games Supported By Yorkshire Organization

Hi friends, Yorkshire Organization today is declaring it’s open support to a few top class strategy games that help develop one’s brain, specially a child’s brain. Why a strategy game is called that is because in these games, one cannot win or do good without developing some strategies or planning. Without proper planning, it is difficult to win a strategy genre game. Developing strategy and proper planning cannot happen if you don’t think and work. That thinking process helps develop brains help improve concentration and mind opening. Exploring and opening up a mind is most important step towards becoming successful in future. We are planning to open up centers across the world to help people develop brains by playing games.

We are featuring clash of clans as a first strategy brain development game that our organization wants to include in. What we like about this game specially is the kind of planning required to grow your base and army. There is calculation of resources to be used in upgrading buildings, troops and making an army. Proper medal level is required for effective raiding and looting of resources, plus at times planning to join in clan wars and achieve lots of medals. At higher levels, it is difficult to raid as the bases are really strong and at lower levels, most inactive players would be there which facilitate raiding and loot of resources with ease. This game also uses gems technology which can be used to fasten growth and development of base and army. You can now get free gems for clash of clans using free online tools as well. Go get a win!

Another game that will feature in our organization soon is a Social Point developed game called Monster Legends. At first we thought we would include Dragon City which is a similar game of course but later we chucked it and went for the latest game offering by the company. We met the company officials and they told us that future enhancements are being planned only for Monster Legends. New elements of monsters are going to be added and it will facilitate their breeding concept in the game. Check out this breeding guide for monster legends to learn more about this interesting breeding concept. It also includes the upcoming future breeding concepts and will help improve the game nicely. Even the PVP Battles are going to be improved heaps and bounds as it lacks that punch currently. We were impressed by the changes offered by the developers and thus we are going to implement this game to our organization.

We are also in talks with Roller Coaster Tycoon developers who are busy promoting their upcoming Roller Coaster Tycoon World game. The game is all set to launch near Christmas and New Year 2016 and we are very excited to implement this game as well. Let’s see how goes the game launch and what the reviews are. We will be able to take the call in about 6 months from now. Thank you folks for listening to us.

Yorkshire Chess: We’re going Live

Yorkshire Chess association is proud to announce their foray into the online world. Being connected to the online world, it is incredibly easy to be in touch with people across the world, teach them and also conduct tournaments with them. The best part of being connected to the online world is that we open up to the people not just from our town but people from across the world. More students can come and learn from our best teachers and excel at this game.

Research Work

We recently hired a research team to conduct various surveys in online websites that they control and Yorkshire chess Association is very famous in several parts of Asia and America. But many Asian supporters are not able to join us as we were simply an association based in America. Now they can join our coaching classes directly from our website. We have special memberships that includes all coaching videos and regular theory updates on the game. We are also giving special packages on Fritz Chess software. We have tied up with one of the partners to offer you to cheap games for Xbox and Steam and that includes PC too.

Chess Videos

Yorkshire Chess Association have about a 100 videos uploaded to the database already and we are adding more as we speak. We opened our website and about 500 people have already become our members. We are expecting thousands of students and Chess lovers to join us in coming weeks. Our membership costs are very small amount of about $10 per month which includes special forum membership where our members can ask their doubts regarding anything related to Chess. We hare hired a lot of experts to answer your queries and these experts too are connecting to our association from various parts of the world.

One on One Coaching

Currently our memberships don’t include one on one coaching because it will not be affordable to supply that service at just ten dollars a month. The experts that have been hired by our organization costs us a lot of money and they will not be ready to do any one on one coaching for free. But we are working with the costs and can include a special service for members at an increased costs. It will be like an add on service that can be bought additional to current membership plans.

Playing Live

For tournaments, we are planning to make use of Live features of PS4 and Xbox. Currently we have already added Xbox One support. To play live, all you require is xbox live codes free. With Xbox codes, you can easily connect to our server and play our monthly held tournaments. Good Luck Fellas.

Benefits of Playing Games

Yorkshire Association believes that there are a lot of benefits of playing games. A lot of people may disagree with us but that is the real truth. As we run this association, we interact with a lot of people, specially parents who bring their children to our academy. Most of the parents are afraid if playing games will affect their child’s education or not. We keep telling them that playing a game is not a problem at all. Games are interesting and it is fun, so it quickly grabs the attention and interest of kid but that does not mean that education should suffer. A parent has a big role to play in making sure of this. You don’t have to allow your child to play games whole day long, but don’t stop them completely from playing. Take a look at free psn codes to learn more about playing games at a reasonable cost.

Benefits of playing games

Stress/Pressure Relief: Kids are often pressured into studying a lot, the stress levels build up in their brains and playing a game will help big time in bringing the stress levels in their brains. It will actually help them focus better on studies with lesser pressure and stress levels. Another one of the tricks our sleeves was getting a hd wallpapers printed out and posted on our wall. Watching nature’s beauty is another great form of relaxation.

Knowledge: Knowledge is not always gained from studies, knowledge is a broad based thing and can come from anywhere. Now most of the games take cues from real life things, say a roller coaster tycoon, it is all about running a theme park. The core idea of the game has been taken from real world theme parks and if we have to become an owner of a theme park, how well we will play and make it a profitable park. So there is tremendous learning opportunities here. The game teaches us about running a park, doing business, advertising, marketing etc.

Helps Parents: Parents can get to learn more about their kids and their interests by seeing the kind of games they are playing. There are so many variety of games that can teach you more about your kid. If your child is only playing money/business related games, it should tell you about their interest levels in doing business. If they are interested in some creative games, or they do a lot of picture editing, making creative things then your child is probably having a creative mind and can become a better artist.

Don’t let your children play entire day and skip education. A little of playing in between studying is more helpful than whole day playing or whole day studying. Don’t let your child become a game addict nor a educational geek.